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Burning on the Oregon Slope within the Payette Rural Fire Protection area requires a burn permit. To obtain a burn permit agree to the below conditions and fill out the form on the next page. Burn permits are valid for 5 days and may be revoked at anytime if a burn ban has been placed into effect in Malhuer County. Also all conditions below must be followed for the burn permit to be valid. Any condition not met may result in the permit to be voided and the fire to be extinguished at owners expense.


Conditions needing to be met for any open burning on the Oregon Slope within the Payette Rural Fire Protection Area.

  1. A burn permit must be filled out.
  2. Contact Payette County Dispatch before you start burning and when you are completed. 642-6006 Ext. 1175
  3. The fire must be attended at all times.
  4. Burning is allowed from Dawn to Dusk (During daylight hours.)
  5. Temperature must not exceed 90 degrees.
  6. Winds must not exceed 15 MPH.
  7. A water supply capable of extinguishing the fire must be available.
  8. Burn Barrels: Barrels must have a 10 foot area around the barrel clear of any burnable material (Bare Earth, Gravel, ect.) and must have a screen covering the opening of the barrel.
  9. Field Burning: A disk line must be made all the way around the field prior to lighting the field on fire.

 Print this page for reference.

Do you agree with the above requirements?  YES I agree      No I do not agree

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