Lifeflight in action at the new Fire Statin LZ


 Now Accepting Applications.

The Payette Fire Department is now accepting applications for Volunteer Firefighters. If you are 19 years or older and wish to help your community by becoming a volunteer firefighter stop by the fire station and pick up an application.

2016 Call Stats

January 98
February 92 
March 108
April 121 
May  86
June 111 
July  97
August  101
September 83 
October 93 
November  107
December  116
Total Runs 1213

 Training Hours

January 119.5 
February  123
March 203.5 
April  73.5
May  129
June 119.5 
July  117.5
August  230.5
September  121
October  155.5
Total 1392.5

Call Stats

2015 1071
2014 805
2013 671
2012 678

 Training Hours

2015 2013
2014 1932.5
2013 1884.5
2012 1784


Smoke detector check and battery replacement 

Payette Fire Department now provides Smoke Detector checks and battery replacements for Senior Citizens of Payette.  If you would like to help the Fire Department continue this program you can purchase and leave 9-Volt batteries at Darts True Value Hardware Store located on Main Street in Payette and we will pick them up.  Or  you can purchase 9-Volt batteries and leave them at City Hall or drop them off at the Fire Station.  Any questions call 642-6028.



Barn Collapse with
Horse trapped

On Friday January 6, 2017 just after noon Payette Rural responded to a roof collapse of a barn with a horse trapped. On scene crews were able to remove part of the roof and move debris to safely rescue the horse. The horse received some minor cut from the collapse.



River Rescue on the Snake

The Payette Fire and Rescue, Ontario Fire & Rescue, Payette County Sherriff's Office, Ontario Police Department, Treasure Valley Paramedics and OSP responded for a river rescue on the Snake River Monday morning. The rescue was a success due to the excellent cooperation and communications between multiple agencies. Check out the New report from KTVB.

Photo provided by KTVB.COM




Did you know that if fire starts in your home you have just two minutes to escape? 

Having a working smoke detector reduces the risk of death from a home fire by 50%.

As part of The Payette City Fire & Payette Rural Fire Departments Smoke Detector and CO2 Detector Program.

We want to help keep your household safe!

If you do not have working alarms please Contact the Payette Fire Station
@ 208-642-6028 
or come in to schedule an appointment! 

There is NO COST!

 Supplies are LIMITED. Hurry and schedule your appointment!

Must be in our service area. 

Limit one smoke and one carbon per household.





Fire Safety Week

It has been a great week, Payette Fire Department met with 413 children along with 22 adults during Fire Safety week at Payette Primary and Pioneer School. This year we emphasized on STOP, DROP & ROLL along with what to do if your house is on fire.

Coming up this Saturday 10/22 Payette Fire will have a table setup at the Payette Senior Center at 137 N. Main St. in Payette from 9am to 1pm for their Health fair. We will be doing blood pressure checks along with providing information on our smoke detector program. For any residence within the City of Payette who is unable, to replace their smoke detector batteries we will come out and replace them. In addition, if you live within the City of Payette or within the Payette Rural Fire department response area we have received a grant to provide a smoke detector and or carbon monoxide detector if you do not have one installed.


Payette Fire Assists With Senior Project

Payette Fire teamed up with multiple agencies on Sunday, to shoot a senior project video on drunk driving. We hope that the end project really brings awareness to people on the consequences of drunk driving. We were honored to be apart of this!




The program, known as “Text-to-911,” enables people to open a new text message and enter “911” as the recipient and then indicate their exact location and the nature of their emergency in the text message. Lt. Creech says a voice call is still the most reliable way for dispatchers to locate a person who needs help. "Dispatchers can get location information from a call even when the caller cannot tell us. A location transmitted with a text message may be less precise for responders.” Read the entire press release here.


National Fire News 




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